Rockets for students
Welcome students and teachers!

"PML has been supplying schools with rockets and rocketry products for over 15 years. We are more than happy to assist your team in achieving it's goals."
Welcome students and teachers!

This page is designed just for you. Here we'll give you an overview of the PML site and the wealth of data, components, and kits available to help make your project a great success.

PML is well aquainted with the procedures for working with individual schools and entire districts. We accept school P.O.s and can provide W9 forms. School discounts are available. Contact our office for details and to get set up.
The basics: "What fits what?"
Most of our component part numbers are based on the diameter of the airframe... well sort of. Actually, they are based on the Inside Diameter (ID) of the airframe.
So if you choose to build a rocket using our QT-3.9 airframe, the rocket will have a 3.9" (ID). Simply add the wall thickness x 2 to the ID to get the actual Outside Diameter (OD) of the rocket. Sometimes you'll hear people say "I have a 4" rocket". This is the approximate OD of thier rocket.
So now when it comes time to select parts that fit together, just match up the part numbers and you're all set. Here are a few examples...
If you will be using QT-3.9 tubes for your airframe, you will need a CT-3.9 Coupler Tube to join the airframe sections. You will also need a PNC-3.9 Plastic NoseCone, a PS-3.9 Piston System, and CR-3.9-x.x Centering Rings (x.x will be determined by which size motor mount tube you select). It's that simple!
Have a question about our products and services? Please read the following: 
85% of the questions we are answering are already listed in our PML Complete FAQ on the "PML FAQ" page of this website. Please check there first before sending a question to our tech addresses. The FAQ can easily be downloaded also so you can keep a copy on your system. Also, please don't "double-up" on your question by sending it to both email addresses   (PML Central and Tech Support).  This will only slow up your answer through confusion on our end. Pick the correct place for your question using the following rules of thumb...

Custom parts or custom pricing? Order status? Shipping status? Mis-shipment or damaged shipment? Complaints or praise?
Send your email to PML Central at

Kit construction? Materials usage? Clarification of instructions? Which kit to buy? Help in assembly? Technical comments?
(No Custom Work, Order Tracking, Shipping questions: see above)
Send your email to our tech support group at

Have a question about which motors and ejection charge delays are appropriate for our kits?
Please note: Kit weights have changed over the years due to material changes made over time. In most cases kits are somewhat heavier than listed. Use these listing as rough guidlines only. Due dilligence requires that you sim your rocket before flight using the actual weight of your rocket, once completed.
Updates to these charts are being made now, but it may take some time to complete.
This file is a .PDF spreadsheet containing all of our kits and many comercially made motors. This matrix will give you the predicted altitude and delay time required for a particular rocket/motor combination, along with a guide on kit reinforcement for exteme flight profiles.

Need more specs for all the kits we manufacture?
The .PDF chart above has specs for all of our kits. This includes length, diameter, weight, chute size, Cp, Cd, lug type, etc.

If you have a general Rocketry question:
Model Rockets, Mid Power Rockets, High Power Rockets; what's the difference?
How do these rockets work? What kind of motors do they use? How do you fly these legally? Please click

If you have a question about rocket motors:
What kind of motors are available? What are the thrust curves? Please click

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