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HAMR and PMR motor retainers

"H.A.M.R. rocket motor retainers are not only easy to use but also very rugged and versitile."

HAMR rocket motor retainers
PML has developed our own line of high quality, threaded motor retainers. The HAMR (Highly Adaptive Motor Retainers) system has been designed specifically for use with our rocket kits or any scratch-built rocket using PML motor tubes. These lightweight, tool-free, threaded retainers are precision CNC turned from 6061 aluminum and anodized. The photo below shows the basic retainers for 29mm, 38mm, and 54mm motors. These retainers fit virtually all popular motor brands and types including Aerotech RMS (TM), CTI Pro XX (TM), Animal Motor Works (TM), Hypertech (TM), Kosdon (TM), Sky Ripper (TM), and others.
HAMR retainer sets
Retro-Fitting Info Installation
The HAMR system can be adapted to existing rockets if the motor tube extends at least 3/8" beyond the aft centering ring. The HAMR can also be used with boattail and tailcone rockets.

HAMR-29-SET  $28.95
HAMR 29mm Retainer Set

HAMR-38-SET  $32.95
HAMR 38mm Retainer Set

HAMR-54-SET  $36.95
HAMR 54mm Retainer Set

HAMR-KS for Kwik-Switch:
The HAMR-KS (Highly Adaptable Motor Retainers, Kwik-Switch version) system has been designed specifically for use with our rocket kits or any scratch-built rocket using PML Kwik-Switch motor tubes.

The basic HAMR-54 retainer is mounted to the Mother Tube for use with 54mm motors. Two adapter plates are supplied for flying with 38mm or 29mm motors. Changing from one motor size to another takes just seconds with no tools required!
How It Works

HAMR-KS-SET  $46.95
HAMR Kwik-Switch Retainer Set

--- HAMR Adapters ---
HAMR Adapters 54/38, 54/29, 38/29:

Adapters for HAMR Retainers! If you`re using a HAMR retainer on your rocket and want to fly a smaller diameter motor, here`s your solution! The HAMR Adapters are specifically designed to work with our HAMR system, and are available in 54/38, 54/29 and 38/29 versions.
HAMR 38/29 adapter
HAMR 54/38/29 adapters
How It Works

HAMR-54/38-ADPTR  $22.95
HAMR-54mm to 38mm Motor Adapter

HAMR-54/29-ADPTR  $22.95
HAMR-54mm to 29mm Motor Adapter

HAMR-38/29-ADPTR  $20.95
HAMR-38mm to 29mm Motor Adapter

--- HAMR Replacement Parts ---
HAMR Replacement Parts for all HAMR Sets, including the adapter plates for the KS version are available below.

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--- PMR Motor Retainers ---

--- PMR Threaded Inserts ---
While supplies last!

PMR-INSR-4-40  $5.29
PMR Brass Inserts, 4-40 (for PMR-29/38)

PMR-INSR-8-32  $5.29
PMR Brass Inserts, 8-32 (for PMR-54 & 29-38-KS)