G10 fins

"G-10 fins in several thicknesses to suit all of your design requirements.
Dozens of styles to choose from!"

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PML offers quality G-10 fiberglass fins pre-cut for your convenience, ready to be adapted into your latest project.
Which material should I use?
We offer both "standard" sizes & shapes (the A-0x through D-0x fins below) as well as standard replacement fins for our kits. The shaded area to the left of each of the A-0x through D-0x fins pictured is the "thru-the-wall" mounting tang.

The "tang" is the area of the fin that goes through the airframe and to the motor tube.

If none of our standard shapes or sizes meet your reqirements, we can custom cut fins to your exact specs. Scroll down to find out how!
--- Standard Fins (Series A-D) ---

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Or calculate fin tang width here...

The Fin Tang is the shaded area in the drawing that goes through the slots of the airframe and bonds to the motor tube and airframe interior.
The Fin Tang width is "0" for surface mounting.

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--- Custom G-10 Fins ---
We love cutting custom fins and do so every day!
We have the most accurate and cleanest cuts in the industry. We also have the fastest turn-around time... In most cases, 48 hours or less!
See our Custom Work Page for the details.
--- Kit Replacement Fins ---
Kit fins