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Frequently Asked Questions:
Inside the pages of our FAQs you will find answers to the most common questions about the materials we use, how the systems and components work, tips on construction and finishing, and much more. PLEASE refer to these documents before sending a question to our tech support.

Nearly everyone who asks a tech question and is referred back to the FAQ for the answer from our Tech Support says, "Wow...I never expected that kind of detail to be in an FAQ", so please DO look in the FAQ before sending a question. About 90% of the time your answer will be covered there in detail.
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Motor Recommendations Charts:
Please note: Kit weights have changed over the years due to material changes made over time. In most cases kits are somewhat heavier than listed. Use these listing as rough guidlines only. Due dilligence requires that you sim your rocket before flight using the actual weight of your rocket, once completed.
Updates to these charts are being made now, but it may take some time to complete.
The purpose of these charts is to give you an example of possible altitudes that can be attained with various rocket/motor combinations. Motors of different total or average impulse or motors from other manufacturers from those shown on the chart may work as well. Consult your favorite motor manufacturer or dealer for assistance. Please be sure to read the explanations on the first page of the chart. It's tempting just to jump right in and start surfing around various rocket and motor combinations, but the first page has some VERY important information you need to know when using the chart.
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RockSim v7 and older .RKT files for all Public Missiles Kits:
These files include all Public Missiles kits for use in RockSim v7 and older for flight simulations. You can either view details of the flights included with each of these RKT files, or you can fly them with different motors than what PML did to see their performance. NOTE: The flights that created most of the Motor Recommendations Chart on the Specs Page are included in these files. Requires RockSim 7.0 or higher to run everything in the PMLRKTS.ZIP file. Most files should run on RockSim 6.0, and a few (mostly 29mm only kits) may run on RockSim 4.0/5.0.
RockSim 8 and newer .RKT Files (PC & Mac Compatible):
These are the identical files to PMLRKTSv7.ZIP; the only difference is they are for Version 8 and above. These files are compatible with RockSim users running both Mac and PC computers.
Callisto in flight