Extreme Altitude Kits

"Exteme altitude with a personal touch! These kits are for folks up for the challenge of designing thier own staging and/or electronic recovery systems."

Cirrus Kit
Part #: Diameter: Height: Weight: MMT:
CIRRUS 1.5" 44" 18 oz. 38mm (Minimum Dia)
Cirrus: This high velocity, 38mm minimum diameter dart is capable of extremely high altitudes with relatively small motors. Perfect for "H" and "I" class altitude attempts.The Cirrus Dart is a specialized super-high-performance kit and should only be used by experienced high power fliers.

The Cirrus comes with...

•  Pre-slotted phenolic airframe
•  G-10 fiberglass fins
•  Pre-weighted solid nosecone
•  7.5" Payload Bay
•  Piston ejection system
•  Ultra-light nylon parachute
•  Pre-cut 6 oz fiberglass reinforcement cloth
•  Explicit instructions
To use 29mm motors in a 38mm mount, purchase the optional ADPTR-38/29. The HAMR Retainer cannot be used with this minimum diameter rocket.

20 minute Finish Cure Epoxy (EPY-FINISHING) will be required in addition to your regular 5 or 15 minute epoxy to lay up the fiberglass reinforcements.

Quantum Leap 2 Kit
Part #: Diameter: Height: Weight: MMT:
QUANTUM LEAP II 3.0" 91.5" (fully configured) 116 oz. (fully Configured) 54mm Kwik-Switch (Both Stages)
Quantum Leap II: PML`s "quantum mechanics" have continued to improve one of rocketry`s favorite two-stagers, the Quantum Leap. The new Quantum Leap II, now with the new Interstage 3000 staging adapter system, is a completely modular two stage rocket. Once you assemble the four basic components, you can combine them to make any of five rocket combinations and can change to any configuration in minutes. Please see the main (desktop) version of the PML site for much more information on the various configurations possible.
QL2 many configurations
The new Interstage 3000 system is much easier to prep and use than the previous interstage coupler design, and is identical in design to the IS3000 used in the Terrier booster stage for our MiniBBX. The IS3000 comes complete with timer mounts and remote safety switch.

This 2-stage rocket kit is intended for the experienced HPR scratch builder intending to supply his/her own electronic parachute deployment system into the sustainer stage. We strongly urge you not to fly this kit without an electronic parachute deployment system installed into the sustainer stage. Failure to do so will allow the sustainer stage to fall to earth without recovery deployment if the sustainer motor fails to ignite. If you are unsure about designing and installing your own electronic parachute deployment system, consider buying the Quantum Leap 3000 kit, which contains the electronic deployment components (except altimeter) as standard. To purchase a Quantum Leap 3000 kit already equipped with the CPR3000 Dual-Deployment Recovery System, click here Quantum Leap 3000.
Both stages of this kit include the unique PML interchangable motor mount adapter called the Kwik-Switch 2000 that uses a threaded coupler and is very durable and reliable. The KS2000 system uses our 54, 38, and 29mm phenolic airframe tubing, and custom-cast urethane components for the screw-together parts. Motor retention is still required.

Download Kit Instruction Booklets Here