Custom work

"Need custom work done for your rocketry project? We can do everything from cutting a custom fin to a full rocket build."

Full 3D CAD design available
Do you need custom parts made for your special project?
Nearly 30% of our orders include custom made parts. Whether you need a special ring cut or an entirely custom rocket design manufactured, we can probably do it for you! While we truly can help you build anything you can think of, before placing a custom order please review the  PML Custom Work FAQ. We discuss some of the limitations and requirements of the custom process that you should be aware of.
You will be happy to know that we also have the fastest turn-around time on custom items in the entire industry. Custom tube slotting & cutting, special rings & bulk plates, and custom fin cutting usually ship between 48 and 72 hours from ordering. Below is a list of some of the custom work performed by Public Missiles, Ltd. on a regular basis. Please call 810-327-1710, fax 810-327-1712 or email PML Central for a quote. When emailing, attach your dimensioned drawing in JPG or GIF format only. 

Here are just a few of the custom opperations we do every day...
•Tube cutting
•Tube slotting
•Tube dado slots
•Longer coupler tubes
•Centering rings to fit couplers
•Cluster centering rings
•Centering rings & bulkhead plates: 3/16" up to 3.9" diameter, 1/2" 9-ply for 6.0 through 11.4" dia. (If thicker CR's or bulkplates are needed for up to 3.9" diameter, we recommend epoxying two 3/16" together).
•Custom G-10 fin cutting, any size and thickness to 0.188" (3/16"). Stock (non-special-order) sizes are 0.063", 0.093", 0.125", and 0.188".
•Cutting & slotting of certain plastic or composite nosecones (see Tailcone & Boattail Page)
•Compression Wrapped fiberglass airframe wrapping (see Airframes Page)
•Design, construction & launch services for movie special effects

Soren's Probe launch prep
ROCKSIM FILES AND CUSTOM PROJECTS: We welcome customers forwarding us RockSim files of their projects, as it sometimes helps us understand what you’re after. However, you still must provide us a detailed parts list of what you need, including cut lengths, diameters, etc. you must provide us with the same level of detail as if you had not included the rocksim file. We do not “decipher” RockSim files to determine exactly which parts it contains. Look at the RockSim file as a way to help us understand your parts list, not a way to produce your parts list and measurement data.

Custom Fins...
IMPORTANT: For custom fins, you MUST use the Custom Fins Template. Be sure to fill it out completely to avoid delays. 
You MUST also do one of the following three things regarding the fin tang specification for your fins or your order WILL be delayed!
1) Write "No Tang" on the custom fin template
2) Write the size of the airframe and the size of the motor mount on the custom fin template and we'll figure out the tang for you and make the fins with that size tang.
3) Write the size of the tang you want on the custom fin template

Custom fin cutting
For custom fins, you must use the
Custom Fin Template

Custom Rings...
Cluster rings
For custom centering rings, you must use the Custom Centering Rings Template

"Unusual" and large jobs...
Full scale Harpoons for BBC documentary
Contact Frank directly to discuss possibilities and for quotes on large and/or unusual jobs such as movie props, DoD projects, research projects, mock-ups, scale replicas, etc.
Also, click the image below for very large, high quality carbon fiber tubes!
All of our tubes are professionally made of aerospace quality, compression wrapped carbon fiber. The premium tubes have an automotive two-part UV protected urethane clear coat for a beautiful, hi-gloss finish.
Very large carbon fiber tube