"The CPR Dual Deployment system greatly reduces drift time and allows higher flights in smaller fields."

CPR drift chart
What is CPR? CPR (Close Proximity Recovery) is an altimeter based, two step parachute deployment system. Using a dual-deployment altimeter, the first chute (a small drogue) is deployed at apogee allowing for a fast but controlled descent. At approximately 400/800 feet, (user selectable) the altimeter fires a second charge deploying the main chute allowing for a soft landing.

The altimeter is centrally located in a special compartment within the main airframe. The drogue chute is ejected from a split-point in the airframe just above the fin/motor section while the main is ejected at the nose cone. Both chutes are deployed using our exclusive Piston Ejection System.

Just two simple yet strong anodized aluminum parts hold the altimeter and ejection charge cylinders as a self contained unit. Prep the assembly on a table, slip it into your rocket, screw the airframes together, and launch. Once assembled, the altimeter/charge cylinder assembly can be easily moved to another CPR3000 rocket, making it easy (and cost-effective, since you only need one altimeter) to fly CPR3000.
CPR overview diagram
What is CPR3000? The most complete Close Proximity Recovery System ever!
No need to purchase separate ejection systems, external safety switch, or drogue chute! Also includes a 16 page, fully illustrated, comprehensive assembly and user manual. These systems are perfect for retro-fitting into your existing rockets or for incorporating into your new designs.

Heres what you get:

•  Complete altimeter bay assembly.
•  Complete Threaded Airframe Coupler assembly made from 6061 aluminum with a blue anodized finish.
•  All mounting hardware for the PML Co-Pilot or Transolve P6 altimeter. Mounts for Transolve P5 or P4 and Adept ALTS-25 altimeters sold separately below as CPR2K-FAM and -AAM.
•  One set of fore and aft altimeter mount sealing O-rings provided; see CPR3K-OR-PK below for more information.
•  Two complete ejection systems including charge canisters and holders. (Designed for E-matches. Charge cylinders for flash bulbs sold separately.)
•  Dual piston systems.
•  Drogue chute (or streamer) with tubular nylon shock cord.
•  External safety switch and lead wires.
•  16-page fully illustrated comprehensive assembly and user manual.

CPR3K-2.1-RF  $95.95
CPR3000 RetroFit Kit, 2.1

CPR3K-2.5-RF  $99.95
CPR3000 RetroFit Kit, 2.5

CPR3K-3.0-RF  $109.95
CPR3000 RetroFit Kit, 3.0

CPR3K-3.9-RF  $119.95
CPR3000 RetroFit Kit, 3.9

--- CPR MAX Systems ---
CPR-MAX = CPR3000 for Large-Diameter Rockets!

Our CPR system has been available in 2.1 through 3.9" diameter sizes for years. Our new CPR-MAX system was developed for 6" and 7.5" rockets. This system allows for redundant recovery system deployment for the purpose of safety and to protect your investment. If you`ve always wanted to add CPR3000-style recovery to your 6.0 or 7.5 inch kit, CPR-MAX is the answer!

The CPR-MAX system uses the same components as the CPR3000 system, but in a special design configured for large-diameter 6 and 7.5 inch airframes. CPR-MAX also features twin-altimeter design, which can be used either as the backup required for Level 3 flights or as a safety backup for regular sport flying. NOTE: CPR-MAX does not REQUIRE the use of two altimeters. It can safely and effectively be flown with only one. The second altimeter is a redundancy feature, not a requirement.

The CPR-MAX System contains nearly everything you need* to convert your existing rocket or as an enhancement to your own design. (NOTE: CPR-MAX does not include a drogue chute. See our Recovery Systems page to select a drogue chute).
*Altimeters, epoxy, ejection powder, and additional airframes (if required) not included.

CPR-MAX-6.0  $169.95
CPR-MAX RetroFit Kit, 6.0

CPR-MAX-7.5  $179.95
CPR-MAX RetroFit Kit, 7.5

--- CPR Components ---