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Lunar Express in flight
Have a question? Please read the following: 

85% of the questions we are answering are already listed in our PML Complete FAQ on the "PML FAQ" page of this website. Please check there first before sending a question to our tech addresses. The FAQ can easily be downloaded also so you can keep a copy on your system. Also, please don't "double-up" on your question by sending it to both email addresses   (PML Central and Tech Support).  This will only slow up your answer through confusion on our end. Pick the correct place for your question using the following rules of thumb...
Custom parts or custom pricing? Order status? Shipping status? Mis-shipment or damaged shipment? Complaints or praise?
Send your email to PML Central at sales@publicmissiles.com.

Kit construction? Materials usage? Clarification of instructions? Which kit to buy? Help in assembly? Technical comments?
(No Custom Work, Order Tracking, Shipping questions: see above)
Send your email to our tech support group at  techsupport@publicmissiles.com

If you have a question about rocket motors:
What kind of motors are available? What are the thrust curves? Please click ThrustCurve.org.
Have a question about what motors and delays are appropriate for our kits?
Click the Specs Page button to download the  Motor Recommendations Chart. (PDF)
Launch field
If you have a general High Power Rocketry question:
Rocketry Organizations
How do I get involved? What are the rules and regulations? What do I need to launch a high-power rocket? Where can I find other people who launch high-power rockets near me? How do I join Tripoli or NAR?
Team 1 meeting
PML Mailing Address:

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6030 Paver Lane
Jeddo, Michigan 48032

PML Telephone Numbers:

810-327-1710  Office (10-6 pm EST M-F)
810-327-1712 Fax (24 hrs./7 days)
888-PUBLICM Orders ONLY (10-6 pm EST M-F)
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