Advanced 6 inch Kits

"Huge 6" diameter rockets with great styling and many options.
Great choice for your Level 3 Cert flight!"

Pit Bull Kit
Part #: Diameter: Height: Weight: MMT:
AGM600 6.0 in. 79 in. 193 oz. 54mm (Standard)
AGM-600 PitBull: The AGM-600 is a large 6" version of our AGM-256 PitBull (See the AGM-256 here). The AGM-600 PitBull comes complete with fiberglass nosecone and boattail. The 54mm motor mount can handle any motor up to about 30" long (click on Motor Recommendations below for details), and comes with a 72" `chute for motor-based recovery. Also included are 0.093" G10 fins, PML`s piston ejection system, and of course the attention to quality and detail that sets PML ahead of the pack!

The CPR-MAX Electronic Recovery System cannot be added to the AGM-600 without major modifications that make it unfeasible. Sorry.
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Ultimate Endeavour Kit
Part #: Diameter: Height: Weight: MMT:
ULT. ENDEAVOUR 6.0 in. 108 in. 173 oz. 54mm w/(3) 38mm (Standard)
Ultimate Endeavour: If bigger is better and clustering is the key to your high power excitement, then the ULTIMATE Endeavour is the ticket!

Straightforward construction and excellent flight stability are combined with military styling to provide you with quick access to the world of large scale high power rocketry. Initial flights can be accomplished with a single 54mm motor. When you are ready to kick it in the butt, you can add a cluster of 38mm motors to the central 54mm for a real neck-snapping launch!

The payload bay on the Ultimate Endeavour measures 36" in length.
New CPR-MAX Upgrade now available!

You can now add the CPR-MAX Electronic Recovery System as an upgrade to the Ultimate Endeavour for 10% off the regular price of CPR-MAX-6.0! (NOTE: The airframe(s) will need to be cut differently from a stock Ultimate Endeavour, so it`s important to order CPR-MAX as an upgrade with your initial order.) For more details on CPR-MAX, go to the CPR Systems Page.
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