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"Carbon fiber is a super high strength material that is very light weight. It's always the clear winner in any competition."

Carbon Fiber Airframe Tubes
Public Missiles Ltd. offers a line of airframes, couplers, and nosecones made from the same high-tech aerospace materials and construction techniques you`ve read about in the science and aerospace magazines. Carbon fiber is amazingly strong yet extremely light. Now you can take advantage of the long burn motors as well as the super fast burners!
All new, completely re-engineered carbon fiber components!

We`ve spent the last year redesigning and building new equipment and molds to bring you the highest quality components on the market with super fast turn-arount times. The entire manufacturing process has been updated and the sizes have been tweaked to closely match our other products. We also added some new nosecone shapes in both carbon and glass (in case you need RF transparency for you NC mounted payload).

More Info About PML Carbon Tubes
PML Carbon Airframes are available in several wall thicknesses; Ultra-Lite, Premium Series, and Extreme Series. Tap the button below to see which series is best for your project.
Which Series Carbon For My Project?
Tube Cutting & Slotting
Tube cutting and slotting available
PML can slot and cut any of our airframes for you based on your spec. Just let us know what you need done in the text boxes in each item catagory before adding the item to your cart

--- Carbon Fiber Airframes ---

If you need a particular tube cut or slotted, order that tube separately (Quantity 1). Otherwise all tubes will be cut and/or slotted the same way.

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Carbon tube slotting instructions:
Standard Airframe Slotting: $
Large Airframe Slotting: $

Tube cutting instructions:
(All cut from same tube)

Standard Airframe Cutting: $
Large Airframe Cutting: $


--- Carbon Coupler Tubes ---
(use with all airframe types)

Carbon Coupler Tubes

If you need a particular coupler tube cut, order that tube separately (Quantity 1). Otherwise all tubes will be cut and/or slotted the same way.

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Tube cutting instructions:
(All cut from same tube)

Standard Coupler Cutting: $
Large Coupler Cutting: $


--- Carbon & Glass Nosecones ---

We have developed a wide selection of nosecones that fit perfectly with our line of carbon fiber tubes. All are available in either carbon fiber or fiberglass (if RF transparency is important).
There are many variations depending on diameter, style, tube wall thickness, and material. To make selection easier, click through the options below and we'll display the appropriate selections.
Carbon and Fiberglass Nosecones
Nosecone Selector
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